Elderly Care Marana, AZ: Tips for Cutting Salt from a Senior’s Diet 

If your older family member has high blood pressure, one of the lifestyle changes their doctor may suggest is to reduce the amount of salt in their diet. Even if the older adult doesn’t make a habit of adding table salt to their food, it’s possible they still eat more salt than they should. That’s because many of the foods they purchase in the grocery store have salt added before they hit the shelves. There are many ways older adults can reduce their salt intake even if they never reach for the saltshaker. To help your aging relative cut back on salt, try following these tips. 

Use Herbs and Spices for Flavor 

Instead of using salt to season foods during cooking, try using herbs and spices to add flavor. Garlic, oregano, and pepper are all healthy ways to improve flavor without salt. There are also salt substitutes made from a blend of herbs and spices available at the grocery store.  

Avoid Processed Foods 

Processed foods, like frozen dinners, contain a great deal of salt as well as other unwanted substances, like fat and sugar. Instead of eating pre-made foods, seniors should eat foods prepared at home. That way, the amount of salt in the food is under the control of the person cooking it.  

Read Labels 

It’s important to read nutrition labels when purchasing food for older adults. Use the labels to compare different brands and choose the ones that are lowest in salt. Also, look for poultry that hasn’t been injected with a sodium solution. When reading the label, look for the words “brine,” “saline,” or “sodium solution.”  

Be Careful with Condiments 

Condiments are a major source of salt. Ketchup, soy sauce, salad dressings, and dips are often very high in sodium. Whenever possible, choose low-sodium versions. You can also find recipes to make low sodium salad dressings and dips at home. 

Choose Canned Vegetables Wisely 

Canned vegetables are a convenient way to include vegetables in the diet. However, they are sometimes high in salt. Look for no salt added vegetables. It’s also a good idea to drain and rinse vegetables to remove as much salt as possible. 

Elderly care providers can also help your older family member to reduce salt in their diet. Elderly care providers can go grocery shopping with the senior and help them to read nutrition labels to make the best choices. Elderly care providers can also prepare meals at home using herbs and spices to make them delicious.  

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