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We are hiring caregivers now.  Apply for a caregiver position.

Sometimes the right person makes all the difference.  When you join our team at Sunlife Home Care, you can be that person.  See our full- and part-time caregiver jobs here. 

Full-time and part-time caregiver jobs available

Both part-time and full-time caregiver jobs are available. Training will be provided.  And we think you will enjoy being part of our respectful and caring company.

The following home care positions are open now:

  • Personal Care Attendant - As a Personal Care Attendant with Sunlife, you will be providing supportive personal services for your clients. Maintaining their dignity and privacy is critically important. You can expect to provide a pleasant smile, a kind touch and careful attention to the men and women you serve. At the same time, you may be asked to provide personal assistance services, including help with hygiene such as bathing, oral care and dressing. You may assist with food preparation, serve food, or wash dishes. Duties may include running errands or helping with light housekeeping or laundry. You will perform and record vital signs and other measurements as detailed in care plans. Your notes and reports on safety hazards, client complaints, or changes in client condition will be an important part of client care.Along with serving clients directly, you can plan to take part in Sunlife activities.  When you take one of our caregiver jobs, expect to attend new employee orientation, staff meetings, and annual in-service training.If you think a caregiver job at Sunlife sounds great, you can see the full job description for the Personal Care Attendant here.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant - As a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for Sunlife, you provide a service to our clients in their homes.   You support daily activities including help with personal hygiene, bathing, and dressing.  Clients may need your help eating. That help could include planning, shopping, storing, cooking and serving food.  Clients may need your help feeding themselves.As a CNA, you help maintain safe and sanitary living conditions for those in your care.  Your ability to handle cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry or changing bed linens, for example, helps to make life better for the clients in your care.   Your clients may need your help with transfers to and from wheelchair or bed.   Or you may assist with range of motion exercises You may help with a prosthetic device or otherwise help to make clients with restricted movement comfortable and safe.Your role includes help with medications.  For example, you may provide important medication reminders.  You may assist your client with self-administration of medication.  Your duties may also include shopping for and storing medicines.At all times you will be following a patient plan of care.  In addition, you monitor your client carefully and document vital signs.  Watch for and report any noticeable change to your supervisor.While you are serving clients directly, you also will be participating in required Sunlife employee activities.  Plan to attend new employee orientation, staff meetings, and additional training as required for your position.

    If you believe a Certified Nursing Assistant position sounds right for you, please see the full job description and requirements here.

As a Sunlife caregiver, you will enjoy:

  • Premium wages with merit raises, holiday pay, paid time off
  • Excellent clients
  • Referral bonuses
  • Caregiver of the Month Awards
  • Healthcare Benefits with Vision and Dental benefits at affordable rates
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan for eligible employees

Sunlife clients deserve the best care in the business so we look for these qualities in our caregivers:

  • A patient, pleasing personality
  • Willingness and ability to perform required task
  • Intense caring and compassion for people needing assistance

We look for caregiver job applicants who are:

  • Trustworthy, honest and free of any criminal background
  • Presentable with a clean appearance
  • Mature, responsible, dependable
  • Team players
  • Good at following written and oral instructions
  • You must maintain client confidentiality and adhere to HIPAA requirements and agency policy and procedures manual.
  • Some positions require that you be a driver with car, insurance and clean DMV record

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