Hospital Discharge and Emergency Services

Hospital Discharge & Emergency Services in Tucson

Hospital discharge and home care after hospitalization is no time for DIY

Hospital stays are getting shorter. In fact, many procedures that once required a few days in the hospital take place now as outpatient surgery.

On one hand, these shorter hospital stays may cut costs.  However, these shorter hospital stays also mean that you head home soon after surgery.  And going home sooner means you may not be fully ready to care for yourself.

  • You may still be groggy from anesthesia.  That makes it hard to focus on after care instructions.
  • You may not have fully recovered from the ailment that sent you to the hospital in the first place.
  • The transition from hospital to home can be a prime time for dangerous falls.
  • Your doctor may restrict your activities for days or weeks after your hospital stay. Even a simple cataract outpatient surgery means no driving and no bending. Medical restrictions may limit your ability to get to important medical appointments, care for yourself, or fix meals.

Home or Rehab Facility – We’ll help with the transition

Sometimes home is not the best place for early recovery. Does your doctor recommend continued recovery in a rehabilitation facility before returning home?  Sunlife discharge specialists can help you make that transition successfully as well.

Don’t risk a relapse after hospital discharge

Successfully navigating hospital discharge and immediate aftercare is a key step in your recovery. Seniors who don't follow discharge instructions face a particularly high risk of being readmitted to the hospital.

Call Sunlife today to take the stress out of hospital discharge.

Are you planning a future hospitalization for yourself?  Scrambling to get a loved one home from an emergency hospital situation?  Whatever your situation, Sunlife Home Care handles hospital discharge and hospital aftercare.

We know the questions to ask, the information you must have, and the resources you need. And we make sure you or your loved one get settled into a healthy recovery routine.

Talk to a Sunlife discharge specialist today.  We help get you or your loved one on the road to recovery. Sunlife Home Care - Phone 877 888-1311.

Successful Hospital Discharge and Surgery After Care Can Help Speed Recovery

Hospital discharge is a stressful time. So much paperwork, so many instructions to remember.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, hospital discharge can be difficult. But studies show a successful transition from hospital to home is critical for healthy recovery. Now the Hospital Discharge specialists at Sunlife Home Care can help.  We'll get you home from the hospital safely. And we help you understand and follow those important surgery aftercare instructions.

Sunlife facility discharge and hospital aftercare includes critical care components for a successful recovery

  • Coordination with hospital discharge team to make sure you have all the needed after care instructions
  • Transportation to your home and safe settling into comfortable surroundings Help understanding and following discharge orders
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Running errands – Is your pet still at the kennel? Do you need a package mailed?
  • Medication reminders
  • Shopping for groceries and other needed supplies
  • Transportation and accompanying you to follow-up appointments
  • Preparing meals
  • Communication and coordination with doctors, therapists, pharmacist, and loved ones

No need to bother friends or relatives to get home from hospital

Now you can get home from the hospital without bothering friends, relatives or neighbors for a ride.  Sunlife Discharge specialists make all the arrangements. We get your discharge paperwork taken care of, arrange transportation, help you make the trip into the house, and get you settled safely into your home. Plus, we’ll even pick up any needed medication prescriptions for you on the way!

You'll get follow up care critical to your healthy recovery

Most hospital discharge plans today assume follow up care will be required for full recovery. Joint replacement patients, for example, typically discharge for further care.  Heart ailments, eye surgery, even pneumonia patients require additional care at home for most of the recovery period.

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