Chronic Disease Care

Chronic Disease care in Tucson

Sunlife Chronic Disease Care – It’s About the Individual, Not the Disease

Did you know?

According to the National Council on Aging, more than 90% of older Americans have at least one chronic disease, and 77% have at least two.

Sunlife support involves a coordinated approach to each individual patient situation.

We support the doctor/patient relationship.  In addition, we promote the exchange of ideas among all the players involved in care.  We may involve the medical community, caregivers, social support, family and of course, the patient, to create an appropriate care plan.

In short, Sunlife is able to bring a holistic approach that considers the entire individual instead of just treating the chronic condition.

In addition, our chronic disease team will:

  • Review patient care plan regularly
  • Monitor changes in disease progression
  • Help to insure best practices are brought to bear on the disease
  • Identify potential complications or associated problems early – and take steps to address those problems as appropriate.

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Sunlife Chronic Disease Care – a critical component of patient care

Living with a chronic disease can be difficult, but professional chronic disease care can help.

Better Self-Care Can Mean Better Outcomes

Patient self-care is an important part of living with chronic illness.  And, as every patient knows, the support of a caring family or other support systems is important too.

In fact, some people estimate as much as 99% of chronic disease care rests in the hands of the patient and his or her support system.

Studies show that better self-care can help slow disease progression for many chronic diseases.  For this reason, Sunlife supports you to improve your own self-care between medical visits.

What is a Chronic Disease?

Doctors use the term chronic disease for health conditions like arthritis, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s Disease.  They may also be called chronic illness. Other examples of chronic diseases include heart disease, cancer, HIV/Aids, lupus, kidney disease and multiple sclerosis.

These are conditions that last for a very long time.  In addition, chronic disease usually cannot be cured. However,  chronic illness may be managed through lifestyle changes and medications. Chronic disease management often involves continued home care over a long period of time.

If you are dealing with chronic disease, you will want to manage disease symptoms that affect quality of life. In addition, you may experience acute health episodes and complications  that can impact both everyday health and length of life.

Sunlife Chronic Disease Support Can Help

Sunlife coordinated chronic disease support can improve patient health in several ways.  For example, coordinated care can result in:

  • Better patient self-care
  • Meaningful family support for loved ones through the various stages of a chronic disease
  • A caring community of support when families cannot be involved.

Also important to remember - Sunlife chronic illness care can benefit both patient and loved ones.  With Sunlife chronic illness support, you can see better patient health and well-being.  At the same time, you may also enjoy lower costs of treatment.

Sunlife Chronic Disease Support Can Take Many Forms – Depending on Your Needs

While each patient chooses to manage disease a little differently, Sunlife provides support in many ways.  We’ll work with you to help you choose the support that works for your particular situation.

  • Get help navigating the healthcare system
  • Learn more about your disease.
  • Be sure you know how to manage medications.
  • Rest easy with reminders about medication or medical appointments.
  • Trust in care plan review and evaluation on a regular basis.
  • Get assistance with care at home.