Elderly Care in Dallas, TX: Bone and Joint Health
Elderly Care in Dallas, TX: Bone and Joint Health

Your senior’s joints and bones are a crucial part of her being able to maintain her mobility and therefore her independence. That’s what makes bone and joint health so much more important than it already is. These ideas can help your elderly family member to keep her joints and bones in good condition for as long as possible. 

Put a Plan Together with Her Doctor 

Your senior’s doctor is going to be the biggest help you will have in your quest to keep her bones and joints going for as long as possible. Her doctor may want to run some tests, like bone density tests, to check how her bones are holding up. There may be other tests, including bloodwork, to test for various types of arthritis and other health issues. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you’re going to have a better chance to put a comprehensive plan together. 

Double Check Her Diet 

What your senior is eating always matters when it comes to her health. In terms of keeping her joints and bones healthy, vitamin D, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids are just a few of the nutrients that your senior needs to be getting regularly. Eating “from the rainbow” is a great way to ensure that she’s getting a healthy mix of nutrients. Talk to your senior’s doctor about a specific diet. 

Ask about Supplements  

Even with the best diet, though, your elderly family member’s doctor may recommend that she takes some supplements to improve her nutrient intake. Some supplements she might take are specific to easing joint issues, like chondroitin or glucosamine. She may only take supplements occasionally or they may need to become a continual addition to her daily routine. 

Movement Helps a Lot 

Exercising regularly does a lot more for both joints and bones than most people realize. Weight-bearing exercises help to keep bones strong, just as they help to strengthen muscles. But exercise also helps to keep joints supple and lubricated. The warmth that comes from moving joints can also help them to feel less painful, especially if your senior is prone to arthritis or other joint issues. 

While your elderly family member is strengthening her bones and joints, she may still need help with some activities. Elderly care providers can do so much to ensure that your senior is safe and that she’s able to do what she wants to do. 

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