Senior Care McKinney, TX: Feeling Buried by Caregiving
Senior Care McKinney, TX: Feeling Buried by Caregiving

It’s not easy for a lot of people to be thrown full steam ahead into being a family caregiver. There’s usually a lot going on and a lot to manage, and it all becomes overwhelming very quickly.  

Keep Breaking Tasks Down into Smaller and Smaller Chunks 

The biggest first step could be to look at what you have to do and to keep breaking it down into ever smaller pieces. The magic of this is that you don’t have to look at the whole task all at once unless you’re ready to do so. Those little pieces are often a lot easier to manage, even though there are more of them. The smaller tasks give you a bigger reward, too, because you’re checking more items off your list. 

Start Collecting a Caregiving Team 

The next big thing for you to remember is that you don’t have to be all alone in this. When you’ve got an entire team of people you can rely on as a family caregiver, that’s going to give you some space that you very much need. You may find that there are all sorts of people on your caregiving team, ranging from family members and friends who can only help with certain things once in a while to senior care providers who can handle a lot of what you might need help managing. 

Avoid Comparisons with What Other People Are Doing 

Something you do need to stop doing as a family caregiver is comparing yourself and what you’re doing with what anyone else is doing. You are doing the very best that you’re doing, no matter what anyone else is doing. When you need help, ask for it so that you’re not left floundering. And if you need more help than other people do, that’s not any sort of indication about you as a person. 

You’re Not Going to Get Everything Handled Perfectly 

It’s also important to remember that expecting perfection is not a reasonable expectation for you to have about yourself as a caregiver. You’re going to get things wrong and make choices that aren’t the best. That’s all part of the process and again, try to remember that you’re doing the best that you can.  

Lean on your team once you put them together and let them help you. That’s going to be your secret superpower when it comes to finding your footing as a family caregiver. 

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