What Steps Can Your Senior Take to Reduce Her Fall Risk?

Elder Care Dallas TX: Seniors and Fall Risk

Your elderly family member may not be doing some of these things already, but they can help her to bring her risk of falling down. Some of these are simple, but they might require a mindset shift for your senior to be interested in giving them a try. 

Keep up with Nutritional Needs 

Your senior’s nutritional intake and her hydration levels are more closely related to preventing falls than she might think. Dehydration can lead to balance issues and fatigue. Eating foods that don’t support her staying strong or that leave her feeling off can affect her blood sugar levels, which can also lead to a fall. Talk to your senior about what she’s eating, how often she’s eating, and whether she’s willing to make any changes. 

Reconsider that Exercise Plan 

Talk to your senior’s doctor about whether exercising is right for her. It’s possible that exercise has been a recommendation for a while now, but your senior hasn’t wanted to do that. If physical therapy would be more beneficial for your senior, she might want to start there. Regardless, moving more helps your elderly family member to maintain her muscle mass and improve both balance and flexibility, which are crucial for avoiding a fall. 

Use Assistive Devices 

Your elderly family member might have been reluctant to use assistive tools, like a walker. These tools can feel as if she’s giving up or that she’s getting “too old,” which might contribute to her not wanting to use them. But using these tools regularly can help her to avoid taking a fall and getting injured. If it’s difficult to use the tool she has, she may want to try a different one or work with a physical therapist to learn new techniques that make it easier. 

Let Someone Know if She’s Feeling Different or Unusual 

It’s really important that your senior communicates anything that feels unusual or different for her, particularly if she’s taking a new medication or experiencing a new side effect. If you’re not able to be there with your senior as often as you’d like, elder care providers can help to fill that role for her. There’s a lot more that you can do for your senior when you know there’s a problem. 

If your elderly family member is willing to make some of these adjustments, she may find that her fall risk decreases by more than she expects. 

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