Caregiver Oro Valley, AZ: Moving Your Dad into Your Home
Caregiver Oro Valley, AZ: Moving Your Dad into Your Home

Your dad’s home is too much for him to manage. He’s in agreement that he would be better off moving into your house. You’re planning for the big move. What should your family be focusing on? 
Be Prepared to Blend Furniture 
You may not have room to fit all of your dad’s furniture, but he may have pieces he refuses to part with. If possible, clear a den or bedroom out and let him move his own furnishings in that room. If there are pieces you could use, ask him if he minds you adding them to other rooms in your home. 
Make Sure Everyone Has Space to Be Alone 
Adding another person to the family may not seem like much, it can be hard to adjust to. If your children will have to share a room, you need to make sure they still have space to be alone. Your dad needs to have a place where he can get away from others, too. 
How Can You Make Bathroom Time Fair? 
Adjusting to a new person in the home is hard for everyone. Ideally, you’ll want multiple bathrooms. If that’s not possible, is there a way to make the bathroom time fair? Can you make sure your children have time to get showered and ready for school without your dad needing the bathroom? 
This may mean creating a schedule for others to stick to. If it’s what needs to happen, make sure it does and that family members are in agreement. 
Do You Have a Space That Matches Your Dad’s Mobility Level? 
If your dad has a hard time with mobility, do you have a room set up for him on the main level? If he struggles with stairs, he shouldn’t be placed in an upstairs bedroom. It’s best to find him a bedroom on the main level that’s close to a bathroom and the kitchen area. 
If he has to be put in an upstairs bedroom, can you install a stairlift? Is someone available to help him go up and down the stairs when needed? These are things you have to consider before the move takes place. 
Is a Care Schedule in Place? 
Even if you’re home all day, you still need to take breaks. Your dad will want time away from you and vice versa. With caregivers, your dad has assistance with daily tasks. Caregivers also give you the chance to step away and go out to dinner with friends and family. 
While caregivers help your dad, you can go to a work meeting or your child’s school performance. You have the space you need, but your dad isn’t left alone. Call to make arrangements. 

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