Senior Care Marana, AZ: Tough Talks
Senior Care Marana, AZ: Tough Talks

There may never be a time that’s perfect to talk to your senior about the really tough topics you need to address with her. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean those topics never need to be addressed. What matters is how you go about bringing up what you need to discuss. 

Make Sure You Know What You Want to Say 

It’s crucial that you know what you want to talk to your senior about. If you go into a conversation about the heavy-duty stuff and you’re not prepared, you’re more likely to fumble things. That’s not going to make your senior want to talk about this stuff in the future. She’s much more likely to put you off or to avoid the topic because the first time around it didn’t go so well. So, preparation is your friend. 

Practice Your Conversation, if You Can 

If you can, run through your talking points with a family member or a friend you trust. They may be able to help you to refine what you have to say and help you to phrase things in a way that is less antagonistic. Practicing gives you a chance to hear what you’re saying and to adjust before you’ve caused your senior to want to run for the hills. 

Keep the Golden Rule in Mind 

Something else to remember is that this isn’t easy for your senior, either. It’s not simple at all to experience being the one who needs more help or who needs to adjust to some big changes in abilities or just how life is going to be from now on. Try to remember that and to try to treat your senior as you would want someone to treat you. 

Work up to the Really Big Stuff  

Starting out with the heavy topics probably isn’t the best plan. If you lose your elderly family member with those, you’re going to have a tough time tackling any of the easier topics you were planning on bringing up with her. Ease your way into the deeper stuff by talking about simpler topics at the front end. For instance, if you want to talk about her not driving any longer and having extra help, start with why senior care providers are a benefit to her. Then you can ease into not driving, mentioning that they can help her with transportation, too. 

These talks aren’t about making you or your senior miserable. They’re about helping to make sure you’re meeting her needs and that she’s got the quality of life that she needs to have. 

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