Senior Care Plano, TX: Seniors and Red Flags
Senior Care Plano, TX: Seniors and Red Flags

Very often as a caregiver you need to take your senior’s words at face value. When she tells you that everything is okay and that she doesn’t need more help, you may believe that the information is accurate. But if she’s trying to avoid worrying you or wants to maintain her independence, you might need to look a little deeper. 

She Tells You She’s Tired a Lot 

Being tired isn’t necessarily a sign that someone needs help, but if your elderly family member is tired a lot she may be wearing herself out. She may also be sleeping badly or she may be dealing with bigger health issues than you realize. All of these factored together can mean that having some more help could actually be beneficial for her. 

Her Weight Is Fluctuating 

Your senior’s weight can tell you more than you realize. If she’s not trying to lose weight, but she is appearing to lose weight, that’s a red flag. Something else to start noticing is whether your elderly family member is eating when you’re around or not. If she is consistently not hungry or you’re not sure what she’s eating, that might mean that she’s got a reason to be avoiding food. 

Her Mobility Is Obviously Not Good 

When your senior walks, pay attention to how she’s moving. If her gait is wobbly or she needs to lean on furniture or the wall when she’s walking, that can be a sign of bigger trouble. Mobility can be a problem for a variety of different reasons. Your senior may have injured herself or her medications may be causing side effects that create problems. Finding out what’s going on may require a trip to her doctor to rule out potential issues. 

She Has Trouble Getting up from a Seated Position 

Another mobility issue might be that your senior finds it difficult to get back up from a seated or prone position. She may struggle to get to her feet, using furniture to help support her. This might mean that she doesn’t have the strength in her core and legs that she needs, or she may have an injury that hinders her movements. If she’s not already using assistive devices like a cane or walker, they may be helpful for her. 

The kinds of help that your senior needs might vary from just a little more help from you to having some more full-time assistance in the form of senior care providers. What matters most is that you’re able to notice when she needs that extra help. 

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