Caregiver McKinney, TX: Four Items to Grab if Your Senior Is on Her Way to the Hospital

One of the scariest things you can hear as a caregiver is that your senior needs to be admitted to the hospital with no advance warning. These tips can help you prepare for that situation.

Paperwork That Your Senior Requires

Any paperwork that might help to ease your senior’s experience is something to bring with you. It helps if you have physical copies of these types of papers, but some situations might require originals. Some of the types of paperwork you might need could include insurance cards and information, any powers of attorney that you hold, or paperwork from specialists and other doctors. Digital copies of this paperwork might be a good option, too, because then you can just grab your phone.

A Personal Information Packet

One of the pieces of paperwork you might want to include could be an informational packet about your senior. This is helpful not only for the hospital, but for other situations, too. Some of the random bits of information to include could be her name and address, all of the medications she’s taking, and what she might be allergic to, if anything. If she speaks another language, that might be important to note, too. Anything you can think of that wouldn’t be included in official paperwork you’re already bringing can be helpful.

A Go Bag for Your Senior

When your senior goes into the hospital you both might think she’ll have everything that she needs. Depending on how long she’s there, though, comforts from home might be a welcome addition. Comfortable clothing to come home in is also an important item to have with her. Think about different things your senior might need, like toiletries, music, or a favorite blanket. There are a variety of things your senior might want to have with her so that she feels less uncomfortable.

A Go Bag for Yourself

Don’t forget yourself, either. You need a change of clothes and anything else that you require on a daily basis. Snacks, medications, and something to help you pass the time are all a good idea. You might want to include a notebook, an extra charger for your phone, and anything else that you wouldn’t want to be without during an impromptu overnight trip.

If you can keep a couple of go bags packed with necessary items, you might only need to throw some last-minute items in each bag for a trip to the hospital. Of course, hopes are that your senior won’t have to go to the hospital often or stay that long, either. Preparation makes a huge difference.

Excerpt: An unexpected trip to the hospital doesn’t have to mean you’re caught flat-footed.

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