Senior Care Plano, TX: Coronavirus Crisis
Senior Care Plano, TX: Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus is impacting everyone right now, but especially older adults. Your elderly family member may find herself spending a lot more time at home, which is a good plan of action. Here are some ideas for how you can help her to make sure that she has what she needs for the next few weeks. 

Evaluate Her Medications on Hand 

It’s a good idea to make sure that your senior has extra medications on hand, if that’s at all possible. Your senior’s doctor may be able to provide a mail order prescription for her medications, which would provide her with three months of that medication. It may be wise to make that switch now if your senior isn’t already getting mail order prescription refills. 

Assess What Else She Might Need 

There may be more than just medications that your senior needs. Other supplies, like incontinence supplies, might be good to stock up on, too. Help your elderly family member to assess what she has on hand and what she might reasonably need if she couldn’t leave the house for several weeks or more. These may also be items that you can order for her in bulk and have delivered to her home. 

Help Her to Stock up on Food 

Non-perishable food is always good to have on hand so that your senior has something to eat in an emergency. Things like pasta and sauce, rice, beans, and canned soup are all nutritious and great for keeping in a pantry. There may be other foods that your senior might want to have on hand, too. If possible, consider placing an order that her local grocery store can deliver to her. 

Act Quickly if She Does Become Sick 

If your elderly family member starts to suspect that she may be sick, contact her doctor right away. Her doctor’s office can tell you what the best plan of action is for her, whether that’s to come to their office or to go to the hospital. They may want you to watch for specific symptoms, so make sure that you take notes in order to be prepared. 

Your goal is always to keep your senior as safe and as healthy as possible. As her caregiver, that may mean that you need to take special precautions while the coronavirus is a factor. Keep in touch with your senior’s doctor to make sure you’re aware of any new information that could impact her health. 

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