Caregiver Dallas TX: Benefits from a Trapeze Bed
Caregiver Dallas TX: Benefits from a Trapeze Bed

What is a Bed Trapeze? 

A bed trapeze is a medical device designed to be hung over the bed so bedridden people can have better control over their mobility. Trapezes are available in various configurations, but they generally consist of a triangular bar that hangs over the bed for the person to grasp onto. This triangular bar is attached via chain to an apparatus that is securely attached to the bed or ceiling, or to a freestanding support frame. 

Which Seniors Benefit from a Trapeze? 

Seniors who spend a lot of time in bed, and have enough upper body strength to grasp onto a bar and pull themselves upward a little bit can often benefit from a trapeze. 

What are the Benefits of a Bed Trapeze? 

When seniors use the trapeze to adjust their weight or reposition themselves, it can help them get more comfortable. It can also: 

  1. reduce their risk of developing pressure ulcers and bedsores.  
  1. help stimulate circulation to promote healing of any wounds or skin issues.  
  1. enhance rehabilitation after a surgery or illness. 
  1. provide a safe outlet to build strength and independence.  
  1. make getting in and out of bed easier by providing a sturdy handhold. 
  1. help seniors feel more in control and less anxious during care activities 

How do Caregivers Benefit from a Bed Trapeze? 

Family caregivers of seniors who are primarily bed bound can also benefit from the addition of a bed trapeze because it can reduce the amount of physical exertion required to provide care to the senior. The senior can better participate in repositioning, using a bedpan, changing incontinence products or transfering in or out of bed.   

Where to get a Bed Trapeze 

Bed trapezes can be purchased through medical equipment retailers. Before you buy one it is a good idea to consult a physical therapist for a personalized assessment. The therapist can recommend exactly what will offer the best benefit for each specific senior and circumstance. Talk to the doctor or therapy office about how to arrange a therapy assessment for bed mobility to find out more. 

Home Care can Help with Bed Mobility 

Regardless of how much the medical equipment can help, being a family caregiver for a senior with a chronic health condition is a challenging job that can quickly wear down one’s own mental and physical health. If you are a caregiver for a family member, be sure to recognize your limits, and don’t push yourself beyond them. Reach out for help – doing so can not only preserve your own health, it can also make you a better caregiver because you’ll be in a better state to do it.

For example, home care agencies can provide professional care aides to come to your home and help your loved one with some of the more challenging tasks, such as bathing, just to give you a needed respite break. Some families prefer to have home care aides come in during the night so the family caregiver can get a good night sleep. Even if they just come in and lighten your load by taking care of some of the household laundry, cleaning and shopping, that can make a big difference in preserving your continued ability to care for your bed bound loved one. 

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